Introduction to Meddytations

Introduction to Meddytations

Simple and Beautiful Mini-Meditations




In this beautiful meditation you will experience the sweet sounds of nature, imagine the picturesque flower drifting in the warm air and experience a deep serene sense of calm and peace. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of Grammy Winner Paul Avgerinos' soundscape while Bari Koral takes you into a relaxing Garden Meddytation. 



In this sweet Meddytation spend time thinking of the ones you love near and far.  Send good wishes to all beings everywhere together with Meddy Teddy and Bari Koral. Enjoy relaxing music by Paul Avgerinos. 



Take a relaxing journey through the sea and air. Connect with your "Inner Teddy' and enjoy this calm tranquil meddytation. From the best-selling relaxation album for kids: "Relax and Be Happy": Mindfulness for Children (and parents and teachers) by Bari Koral and Paul Avgerinosn.



A loving-kindness meditation to wish goodwill for the whole world. Love to all, and love to the universe. Peace before me, and peace behind me. Peace to all, Peace to the Universe!

Spend a moment sharing the gift of your vibration with the world.


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