How do we create luck in our lives?

How do we create luck in our lives?
Some say luck is happenstance, others say we make our own luck.

As we are coming to innerstand more and more that we are vibrational beings in a vibrational world, we can think in terms of lucky vibrations.

Vibrations are in simple terms, things we feel within us that are not seen in the physical world.

So where does luck fall on the scale of vibration?

When we think of “luck”, we think of some unexpected blessing occurring in our life. Or we think of a tennis shot that hits the top of the net and lands on our opponent’s side of the court.

It’s a subtle feeling, “luck”. It’s like a little pat on the back, or a wink from the other side. 🍀  

Is it possible for us to increase our propensity towards luck?  If so, how do we do it? If we use our knowledge of vibration and mindfulness, we can start to practice the vibration of luck. Of feeling blessed, or feeling protected, or feeling the universe has our back.

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, we will be thinking more about luck, and green smoothies as well 😋

Let us focus on the feeling of luck and begin to cultivate it in our lives.

Let’s bless the luck that we see in the lives of others and give thanks for it. Perhaps the feeling of gratitude can help us to generate lucky moments in our lives.

When we cultivate gratitude, we begin to see blessings in small events. We feel grateful for the sun, nature, stillness, family, friends, and all the wonderful things of life. 

In one sense of the word, we can say that we feel lucky. Lucky to experience these gifts of life.

As it goes for gratitude, the more we recognize good luck in our lives and others' lives, we will start to notice it more and more.

Similar to how when we give attention to a red car, suddenly we start to see red cars everywhere we go.

Let's create seeing lucky events showing up in our life. 

For the next month, let’s cultivate luck in our lives. Let’s remember times in the “past” when we were lucky. Let’s mindfully approach life as if something very lucky were about to happen to us. How would we walk in the world if we knew without a doubt that we were a lucky person? Knowing that more often than not things work out for us.

This month, we can grow in our awareness of luck, and begin to see it everywhere in our life.

“I arise today

Through the strength of heaven

Light of sun

Brilliance of moon

Splendor of fire

Speed of lightning

Swiftness of wind

Depth of sea

Stability of earth

Firmness of rock.”

~ St. Patrick 🍀



  • Joann Gorsich

    I feel lucky every day! 💚

  • Patricia Brown

    Beautiful reminder

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