Beginner's Guide to Meddy Teddy

Beginner's Guide to Meddy Teddy

Use Meddy Teddy to Learn Yoga and Mindfulness

In this series of videos you will learn many simple ways to use Meddy Teddy to practice breathing, posing, and having fun.



Practicing breathing is a great way to regulate the nervous system. In this video, Kristi shares a powerful and simple breathing technique to get started practicing and teaching breathing techniques.


An activity you can use with your kids that helps promote self-regulation. Dancing with your Meddy Teddy, you can stop each pose and teach your students the importance of body mechanics and self-regulation.



Here is another fun game you can try. A new take on the classic Simon Says. When you use your Meddy Teddy is makes it even more playful and engaging. This helps teach body awareness and listening to your children.


Practicing poses everyday can help teach body awareness. Learning to move our bodies in ways the feel good has lot of health benefits. Becoming aware of how you feel in different poses makes us feel more aware of how each pose is making us feel.



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