Bearmaste Hoodie

Bearmaste Hoodie

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The bear in me honors and respects the bear in you. Bearmaste.

The Bearmaste Hoodie is the ultimate comfort for your Meddy Teddy. Embroidered lettering and soft cotton make it a go-to for casual calming vibes in any occasion. 

Why Should We Teach Our Kids yoga and Mindfulness?

Well...For starters there are so many scientifically proven benefits to yoga & mindfulness that the earlier we start the sooner we begin to enjoy those benefits.
Benefits Include:

Improved Academic Performance

Learning & Memory

Improved Self-control

Reduced Anger and Anxiety

Increased Self-esteem

Improved Social Skills


Classroom Participation


Kids and Toddlers Books

Small❤️ Bear

Big ❤️ Message

Meddy Teddy is a role model and compassionate buddy for young ones, helping them lead healthier, more mindful lives.

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