of Mindfulness for Kids

·     Strengthens self-control

·     Lower’s anxiety and stress

·     Increases positive moods

·     Better decision making

·     Improves Emotional Regulation Skills

·     Increases self-esteem

·     Improves Health and Body Image

·     Improves social skills and communication

7 Ways Mindfulness can Help Children’s Brains

·     It gives kids the habit of focusing on thepresent moment and ignoring distractions

·     It teaches them to stay calm in the face oflife’s stressful times

·     It creates good habits for the future

·     It promotes happiness by lowering social anxietyand stress

·     It promotes patience

What is

·     Paying full attention to something

·     Slowing down to really notice what you are doing

·     You take your time, the opposite of rushing or multi-tasking

·     You are focused in a relaxed, easy way

Mindfulness helps us shift our attention away from worried thoughts and concerns by guiding our awareness back to the here and now. Simple techniques such as breath awareness helps to ease the mind. Mindfulness practices also help to initiate the body’s relaxation response.  As we breathe slowly and deeply, the fight-or-flight response begins to lessen and we move into a state of ease, both physically and mentally. Here are some additional mindful practices: