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With these cute little keychains mindfulness goes wherever you go.

The Meddy Teddy Keychains are the perfect reminders to be calm, mindful and to keep smiling. The mini Meddy can do some impressive moves with his little bendable body.

You can use this as a keychain on suitcases, backpacks, golf bags, car rearview mirrors, laptop buddy, or pencil holder. The sky is the limit to what you can use this little one for! 

Inventory is getting low!

Customer Reviews

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Key chain arm Broken?

Keychain received with the teddy. Tried to raise the arm of the keychain and sthg snapped and now I can feel something is disconnected from the body within the keychain. Slightly disappointed.

Kimberly H
Mini Meddy Goes Everywhere

I have a Meddy key chain (I call him my Mini Meddy) and he sits on my rear view mirror in my car. I love seeing his smiling face everywhere I go, and his peaceful smile reminds me to chill while I'm driving!

Sweetest line I’ve ever invested in.

I’m so thankful Meddy Teddy was advertised on Facebook in time for my first grandchild to be born. I couldn’t be happier with the slip proof cork yoga mats, amply filled meditation cushions, adorable bears and irresistible clothing! I can’t wait to read the books the first time through with him in my arms! So thoroughly impressed. Highly recommend.

Meg Hampton
Tiny but mighty!

We absolutely love our minis! I got one for both my girls to keep in their quiet space.... And I keep one clipped on my yoga bag so he can ride along when I teach in the community! They are still high quality, posable and have removeable yoga pants. Please make mini clothes for this little cutie! we would love to be able to dress him/her in different outfits like the original!

Josh Dodes

These key chains are so cute!!!

Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear

We all feel our best when we are happy. For that reason, Meddy Teddy is designed to help you cultivate well-being, vitality, happiness and joy. The result? A natural inner glow that you can achieve and give to others.