Mini Meddy Teddy & Keychain

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Take mindfulness with you where ever you go.

Mini Meddy Teddy & Keychain are the perfect reminders to be calm, mindful and to keep smiling. The mini Meddy can do some impressive moves with his bendable frame.

You can use this as a keychain on suitcases, backpacks, golf bags, car rearview mirrors, laptop buddy, or pencil holder, the sky is the limit to what you can use this little one for! 

Comes with a blue or white strap. 

$1.00 of each purchase goes towards the Meddy Teddy Foundation. To learn more about the Meddy Teddy Foundation click here.

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Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear

We all feel our best when we are happy. For that reason, Meddy Teddy is designed to help you cultivate well-being, vitality, happiness and joy. The result? A natural inner glow that you can achieve and give to others.