Bearmaste Long Sleeve Yoga Top Shirt

Bearmaste Long Sleeve Yoga Top Shirt

Custom Long Sleeve Yoga Top for Meddy Teddy

Bearmaste is Meddy Teddy's respectful and fun way to say hi to everyone he meets. Made of soft, lightweight cotton, this long sleeve yoga top is sure to keep your Meddy happy. This long sleeve t-shirt is custom made to fit your Meddy Teddy. 

Long Sleeve Yoga T-Shirt Features

  • Custom Fit for Meddy
  • Meddy Teddy sewn in logo
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Ships worldwide
  • Great accessory for your Meddy Teddy
  • Bearmaste and smile
  • The perfect long sleeve yoga top for Meddy Teddy

The bear in me honors and respects the bear in you, bearmaste.