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FOR TEACHERS & EVERYONE WHO WORKS WITH KIDS (… Even If You’ve Never Taught Yoga Before)

Yogapalooza with
Bari Koral

✔️ Professional Qualification

✔️ Go At Your Own Pace

✔️ Includes All Music, Handouts and Activities

✔️ Personal Feedback From Bari

✔️ Lifetime Access

Hours of engaging videos

Our comprehensive course features an incredible kids yoga and mindfulness curriculum. Learn powerful tools and discover the science behind everything we do. Bari will share the secrets of success and all the information you need on childhood development, anatomy, safe yoga pose techniques and class planning and themes.

Expert Coaching

Bari will personally guide through an inspiring journey you can fly through. She is known for making it turn key. Clear, engaging instructional videos, magical yoga songs, beloved mindfulness activities make the teaching easy as pie.


✔️ 22+ yoga pose videos for safe and anatomically correct yoga.

✔️ Hours of fun and easy online instruction - learn and teach whenever you want.

✔️ Printable and colorful lecture notes - no prep work needed!

✔️ Step-by-step directions on how to teach each song and activity - no guesswork needed!

✔️ Popular mindfulness activities for self regulation (that will benefit the children you’re teaching as well as yourself)!

✔️ Explanations of the science and development behind what you’re practicing to help you understand and articulate the benefits well.

✔️ Expanded Special Needs and Challenging Behavior Section to support a whole child’s development no matter their struggles.

✔️ An established community of teachers to exchange ideas, resources, and cheer you onThe secret to becoming a great teacher of yoga and mindfulness.

✔️ All the knowledge you need to be confident and successful.

✔️ Professional certification to take your teaching to the next level.

Course Trailer


✔️ Get ready to Meddytate! We’ll grab a star out of the sky with Star Energy, Listen Like a Superhero with the Listening Game, Practice Attitude Gratitude, Learn Rainbow Relaxation, Meddytate with Bear Relaxation and Bear Breath, and master many more amazing mindfulness activities.

✔️ Over 25 MP3 Downloadable Audio Files featuring the best music which will become a major part of your classes including Bat Yoga, Going on a Dragon Hunt, The Yoga Alphabet, Teddy Bear Sun Salutations for daily warm up and cool downs, and many more kids yoga favorites.

✔️ Unlock your creativity to create amazing class plans and themes. The Teddy Bear Yoga Class with Meddy is our favorite! You’ll also learn a Dragon Yoga Class and more!

✔️ Mindfulness MP3s with Grammy winning music and step-by-step handouts to make teaching engaging, fun, and easy.

✔️ The key to class planning and the simple class structure that works every time so you’re no longer overwhelmed trying to get started.

Actionable wisdom

Backed by science, you will learn the best tools to take care of yourself right now. From the first thing to do in any anxious situation to the techniques that reduce anxiety in minutes,Yogapalooza is also here to support you.

Resources and Handouts

Featuring step by step instructions and lecture notes.

Beautifully presented, fun, colorful, visual and easy to follow along.

Video Feedback

Bari will give you personal feedback, advice and ideas based on your own goals and needs in the classroom.


"I already teach kids yoga classes but I’m still like wow this is all so relevant. The training is just so great and so well done.  It reminds me to always be a student.  I teach so much sometimes I feel like I’m on autopilot! The Yogapalooza training got me excited again. The reaction to the music and to Meddy Teddy has just been amazing."

- Kristen Lang, Owner of Twisted Sister Kids Yoga Studio

"As an occupational therapist, I know first hand the benefits of yoga and breath. But one thing was missing…HOW to introduce it, WHAT music to play, how to get buy-in from students in this practice…Well, this course teaches you FUN ways to engage children . The songs are so catchy and a complete HIT with kids."

- Michelle Kiernozek, Occupational Therapist

"Thank you for your simple and effective style of training, it worked so well for me. The benefits are endless and can be such a fun and creative way to teach children how to navigate life with less stress and anxiety. When it’s taught at a young age, they can become completely integrated into a child’s way of being and stay with them throughout their lives."

- Adina Bernheimer

"I am thrilled to think of where I will be able to take things with all I discovered in your course. I’m not even sure where to begin on what I am most excited about sharing. Clearly your songs and activities will become a regular part of my classroom teaching. Sharing with the kids, however, is not the only thing I am excited about. I look forward to letting my teaching team know about all that I learned. Several of them took a more technical approach previously and I want them to know just how joyful yoga can be in a classroom.”

- Debbie Dolan, classroom teacher

"I already had several yoga resources, but this program takes it to a whole new level. The music and activities are fun and there is a wide variety to choose from. Thank you, Bari!”

- Susan Wright

"And offers an abundance of resources to help anyone get started in teaching yoga or to supplement a seasoned teacher's toolbox. I feel more confident and am excited to share what I've learned with my future little yogis!”

- Jana Teal, Library Associate

“I took your course, and the children who couldn’t lie still for five minutes began to lie still for longer periods of time each day and some of them even fell asleep! Mindfulness gives them the skills to self regulate and the yoga songs and poses will give them ways to relax or get some energy out depending on the time of day. We will be having a mindfulness time each morning before we start our day and will also be using it as needed throughout the day."

- Sally Smith, GSRP lead teacher-18 years

"I particularly loved how it was themed based and how you can be as creative as you wish! The most unexpected result I got was my excitement and confidence to begin teaching right away. Ever since the training my mind is always on more ideas and more themes to bring to children! I loved the organization of the content and how it progressed. You can tell much thought went into the planning. I loved how Bari showed her songs and how they were used with children! To not share this amazing content would be heartbreaking especially when the need for it is more important than ever! “

- Robin Rivera, adapted PE teacher

“I’ve been teaching for years and my enrollment doubled when I started using Bari’s songs and activities."

- Elizabeth Luff, yoga and dance teacher



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  • Professional Qualification
  • Go At Your Own Pace
  • Includes All Music, Handouts and Activities
  • Personal Feedback From Bari
  • Lifetime Access


The combination of Yogapalooza and Meddy Teddy make this a homerun. Meddy makes teaching kids and practicing your own yoga and mindfulness so much easier and fun. Some of the content inside of Yogapalooza was created exclusively for use with your Meddy.

Nothing more than a way to play the course! A computer, laptop, or tablet will all work well. 

The age range for the kids yoga music and activities is toddler and Pre-K to 3rd grade. Oftentimes, the music can be stretched 5th grade as well, depending on the children.

The training will teach you many poses, benefits, science and background plus give you specific music and activities to use in your classes. The added activities make it super easy to mix and match and plan yoga programs in no time.

If you plan to teach much older kids too then just stick to the yoga poses and knowledge you learn in the training (and maybe not use the music). Mindfulness is for ages 3-108 and beyond!

Bari covers everything in depth so you don’t have to have previous knowledge to be successful at this!

We think you do! Seasoned teachers will appreciate the hours of music, mindfulness activities, and new ways to engage children.

Bari is a globally recognized educator and this is a professional certificate. Bari is a certified E-RYT® 200, RCYT® & YACEP® Continuing Educator Provider. Yogapalooza: Yoga and Mindfulness with Bari Koral is RCYS Registered Children’s Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. This training will fully prepare you to add yoga and mindfulness content into your existing classes, classroom, or practice. To go further, and establish a kids yoga profession, you need good training and also you will want professional liability insurance, which is affordable insurance and will cover you in additional locations like yoga studios, birthday parties etc, camps, after school clubs etc. With our certificate you will be able to get your professional liability insurance. Most yoga studios will accept this certificate and your insurance as qualification for being a children's yoga teacher. Many of our trainees are teaching professionally. 

Successful completion of homework will result in a professional certificate of completion that can be submitted for up to 16 PD hours. For Educators and allied health professionals you will be responsible for submitting this certificate for any continuing ED credit.

You can, per Yoga Alliance, use up to 6 hours of online training towards Yoga Alliance CE. 

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